Greetings and Welcome is part of the KIDS INC. family that includes KidsIncTalent HollywoodKidsTalent, SafetyBratz, NFTKIDSINC and ONE. We are a 501c(3) nonprofit founded back in 1990. Our MISSION is to Create, Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Empower Youth.

Our beginning was the result of an idea to fund an original children’s safety touring group.  (They reached millions of families through TV, live events and school tours turning a group of young performers into very popular entertainers,) (During this time Hollywood Kids Talent was started but the twitter handle had too many characters so it became KidsIncTalent…) KIDS INC. has evolved with cultural and societal changes to understand and embace the fact that safety is more than stranger danger, good touch/bad touch,  and looking both ways before crossing the street. Back in the day, it was easier to empower and protect youth. Technology has changed all of that.

Today children are products of mega tech companies and all its encumbrances.

Boomers were well into adulthood when tech started to advance. GenZ has no idea what life was like prior to it

Now we face serious issues of safety for children and teens. It’s extensive and very few seem concerned. Everything from mental health issues, to viewing xxx unintentionally, to predators and stalkers, to scams and fake news, to AI manipulation and the ongoing algorithmic brain over stimulation’s, kids and teens are in danger. It’s an ongoing problem with many sides advocating for their own agenda. However, they all have one thing in common…investors.

It’s a money game that’s played out at very high levels of society.

It is what it is and if you’re an adult, learn it.

But, kids and teens must have alternatives that are not dependent on the revenue models mainstream apps and platforms have.

Youth must have options. There are none we could find. SO…

KIDS INC. a nonprofit has development funded project ONE, the first family friendly safe social space alternative. Data collecting and selling, tracking and keylogging, predators, stalkers and pornography are eliminated from the experience of social media.

KIDSINC.ONE is a place for youth talent and young creators to set the stage for those zillions of families looking for entertainment alternatives and role models for all the young new internet users jumping into cyber-space for the first time daily.

Let’s give them a safe place to land.

Support KIDSINC.ONE and let’s do this!



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